Useful Techniques To Work Faster On Windows 8

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Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft intended for personal computer users. This new version is also used with desktops, tablets, home theater pcs, and even mobiles. Windows 8 present smajorvariationsand modifications to the OS platform, mostly dedicated to enlightening its user knowledge on mobile devices like tablets. Windows8 has got mixed reactions. Reactions for performance, security, and support for touch screen devices are positive. However, people across the world still find its new interface confusing and report the problem related to work faster on windows 8.


Which one is Best, Kaspersky or ZoneAlarm

Viruses and other malicious objects over the internet are always in the news because of their capabilities of making huge damages. You might have known that these malicious contents are used by hackers to destroy the security systems of your computers and steal confidential information. This is one main factor that made Anti-virus and other security software’s very popular among the millions of computer users worldwide. As there are several Security software brands available in the market, it is not a difficult task to get an efficient one to protect your computer from viruses and malware attacks.

The general aspects of these software’s are the same. However, there are both pros and cons for each and every product available in the market. In short, Kaspersky is good for anyone who needs super security software with the topmost safety features, whereas ZoneAlarm is good enough for only an average user.


Kaspersky Virus Protection System

Kaspersky is one of the most popular names in the world of security softwares nowadays. It is because of its unmatched features and effectiveness. This particular type of antivirus software has gained immense popularity around the world. Alike any other antivirus company, Kaspersky is also providing great facilities to its customers through many numbers of products. Kaspersky Antivirus, Internet security, and security suite are good examples of some security software products for computer users who are vulnerable to all kinds of malicious activities that may affect you through online and offline transactions.


Here are five useful techniques that will help to work faster on windows 8


      1. Use Security Programs included Within Windows 8

Windows 8 has built-in security applications called windows defender. Instead of using another antivirus thatslows down your computer, use.

      1. Turn off the unwanted program at startup

Windows 8 allows you easily manage the task manager, and you can disable programs that start with your computer, This way, you can remove the programs which slow down your windows eight boot-up process. You can access them through the startup tab in Task Manager and click Disable.

      1. Remove application consuming lots of Resources

With the Windows 8 Task Manager, you can easily find out the applications consuming resources like Ram and CPU and slows down your PC. Right-click the desktop taskbar and select Task Manager; now click more details to see the full interface. Application consuming a lot of resources will be highlighted.

      1. Use Advanced Search

Windows 8 provide very good search functionality. You can filter the search by apps, files, settings, etc., place your cursor in the upper right corner, and activate the Charms Bar. Select category and type in your search term. You can use built-in hotkeys; for files, Use Win + F; for Applications, use Win + Q and for settings, use Win + W.

      1. By means of software replicating

Using software stimulation previous Start Menu can save your day. The two different substitutes could be Classic Shell and StartMenu8, with the previous being all about modification and finally working in a more right awaymethod. If you wish to unused your time and, more significantly, setting up one of these series is securely optional.


Windows 8 provide various features of advanced features that will find irresistible by various people. This latest version provides the users with an advanced speedy boot time. The load and boot up swiftness has enhanced extensively over Windows’ forerunners. This is attributable to the improved resource allocations to functions along with the system to a certain extent. As soon as when you see the judgment against Windows 7 monitor CPU, the latest version, Windows 8, has an even swiftly boot time. When you log off the system, it becomes like a half –done and incomplete hibernation every time. As soon as you reboot the system, the previous session memory is getting reinitialized more rapidly.

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