7 Ways To Effectively Increase Productivity Using Technology


As all of continue to survive with the seemingly never-ending stay at our homes, the corporate world, studies, and many more aspects have shifted to the work-from-home culture. Amidst this drastic shift in the patterns of living and working, people all across the globe face issues with productivity. These issues stem on personal as well as organizational levels.

From here, we take you through the 7 most effective ways that can help you increase your productivity using technology. This means deriving the best benefits from the vast range offered by the tech without which the tremendous increase in efficiency and output could not be thought of.


    • Make sure you are using the right tools

The fact that we all know is that technology can turn the tables around and kindle the fire inside us. Nonetheless, we also know that it can be a curse and take things to the doom. Not every technological application can work for you or your business work-flow. Therefore, you need to find out what works best for you.

One of the ways you can help yourself find the right technological tool is taking note of all the issues that you have acting as barriers to your work-flow. Do a simple browsing search for the tech tools that help in improving productivity and also keep checking them against the gaps that you need to fill.


    • Automate With Tools

It is entirely possible to automate your day to day tasks as much as you can. These should ideally include scheduling your tasks, bill payments, contacts updating, email responding and other manually driven tasks like gift-giving or list-making.

Using technology for automation and systemization in the day-to-day to the workflow of enterprises can incredibly boost workplace productivity. Applications and machines that can handle the tasks of individuals save time and make the work doable. However, the issue here might be to convince the employees to switch to the new technology and get them adept at making the best use of it.



    • Use less technology, and only where you need

This might sound like a U-turn but read on. You need to recognize the areas where you are spending more time than you should. While you have a deadline in 3 hours, you should not be stalking your ex’s best friend’s girlfriend. Set limits of usage of these apps on your phone and select only those that directly serve your needs. Even using many apps for solutions might be a setback. Therefore, cut down the clutter.

Always remember, that the best results are achieved by long hours of uninterrupted work and making breakthroughs. To-do list apps, trade tools, and the likes provide reduction and management of workload.


    • Make use of Browser Extensions

One of the great ways of getting things done quickly is adding all the tools to the browser that you use. There are plenty of extensions for each browser that will assist you in your tasks and also provide quick access. Using the right extensions can be a sure shot way to save a considerable amount of time and increase your productivity.


    • Staying connected

With the right set of tools, we can ensure that we stay connected throughout the periods of work. Conventionally, meetings make a cause of dread for everyone participating in them. But with online meetings and modes of connection, messages can be saved and recorded, documents can be shared easily and people can connect even from remote areas. There is a multitude of benefits of online meetings over conventional ones.

Interpretation becomes easy and hosts will hardly forget anything important. With the right set of tools, follow up messages can be easily exchanged.


    • Make feasible schedules

Schedule everything and schedule them in ways that can be executed. Being serious about enhancing productivity can’t be fathomed without proper planning. Calendars are probably the most underutilized and underappreciated applications on our phones although they’re available on almost every device. Used efficiently, they can help one significantly in running according to the schedule. Reminders and planners go well hand in hand and with your will-power, can make your productivity shoot through the sky.


    • Make use of time trackers

Time tracking means keep making sure that you are completing your tasks in the within the time you have allotted for them. Combined with scheduling, this could easily be the best productivity tip we are giving you.

By using the time trackers that you already have, you can assess your working patterns and how you spend the time that is required to be put in extra after the deadlines. This will give you a deep insight into how your days are passing away and how you can improve. Being conscious of how your time is being spent, you will also be able to ensure that you are giving the due time to the things on top of your priority list and not spending too much that is not as fruitful.

Whether on an individual or the organizational level, managing the multitudes of tasks and completing them in short periods with efficiency is all we need to keep going. At the same time, our lives have become almost entirely dependent on technology, the internet, digital platforms, and all that can keep us safe while we try to survive. Therefore, technology should ideally be the aspect to also look forward to improving our productivity and efficiency.

However, the importance of will power, discipline, and commitment can also not be understated. It is these values that will eventually make anyone shine while the technology will be the tool to take one where she wants.

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