5 Tech Hacks That Will Make You Feel Like A Boss


When it comes to using technology, most of us use devices like they are our extended hands. However, there is still a lot that we do not make the best use of. We tend to go the simple, conventional, and often time-consuming ways in all our tech-related tasks, be it a simple Google search or a software issue with our PCs.

However, knowing some effective tech hacks can save you great trouble. Having these up in your sleeves makes you more efficient, saves your time, and overall boost your productivity. The best part is that you do not need to be tech-savvy to carry these out smoothly. Without much ado, here are the five tech hacks that will make you feel like a boss.


    • Search engine hacks

We do not ever give much thought to the information we are searching for. Most of the time, we do not find our answers in the top 3 results on the SERP. Then we open many tabs and often get lost in the sea of unwanted information if we are looking for authentic and valid information. Otherwise, we end up going with the results we are not fully satisfied with. Therefore, here are a few simple hacks that can improve our results.

In the search engines’ search tools, setting a time range from when we want the search results will make sure you get the relevant information. The top 3 results will be the most popular ones but might not be the most up-to-date ones.

It might so happen that you would have an image to understand what it is, check if it’s a stock photo, or find a similar one in different dimensions. To some, it may seem completely new, but you can search for an image just like you search for pieces of information in the text. By the reverse image searching options, you can upload an image you have or use the URL of an existing image on the internet. In the results, you will get similar images and the answers you’re looking for.



    • Increasing your Wi-Fi internet speed

Sluggish Wi-Fi can be a cause for huge frustration. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can handle this issue and boost the signal of your Wi-Fi. First of all, ensure that the router is an open and central space. Keeping it away from other devices can boost the signal. Secondly, you must regularly update the software of your router. You can do this by checking for updates on the admin page of your router.

Next, you can also ensure your router’s security and not let anyone connect to your Wi-Fi, thereby deteriorating your experience. The way to secure the network is to go to the router’s admin page, choose the WPA2 security level, and then enter some strong password.


    • Maintain your privacy during online meetings

Online meetings can sure keep co-workers, classmates, and mentors connected across distances. However, nobody wants to show up the messy room they’re in while attending the virtual meetings during meetings. Either you have to show the pile of dishes, your cat making a fuss, or manage all of it before you join the meetings. For this too, we have a hack for you. The way out of this is to get a customized background for the Zoom meeting. Numerous applications can help you create customized backgrounds while you will only have to follow the instructions.



    • Upgrade the security of your tech

At most corporate workplaces, there is a team with numerous people involved in ensuring the tech’s security and keeping the data private. The same level of protection might not be available when working from home. However, with a simple tool, you can keep your location, identity, and browsing history safe from hackers. The tool is known as Virtual Private Network (VPN) and adds to the extra layer of security our Wi-Fi connections have.


    • Use Chrome Extensions

There are plenty of extensions that can come in handy at your work and day to day tasks using technology. Grammarly will make you feel like a language expert within days of beginning to use it. Similarly, Pearls can make you look like a pro when you highlight the specific portions of texts on webpages over the internet.

Further, use the Great Suspender to suspend all tabs when your computer becomes slow because of opening a lot of them simultaneously. You can also use it to never suspend some particular websites.

Technology has time and again emerged as a savior for all of us, so is the case during this global pandemic. Therefore, all of us are exploring what can be done and what more can be done with the tools that have been created for us. At such a juncture, most probably, the best performers will be those who have garnered skills and acquired hacks that can make them stand out from the rest.


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