5 Best Smartphone Youtubers Every Gadget Lover Should Follow

Are you looking for some honest smartphone reviews?


YouTube is filled with channels that focus primarily on reviewing smartphones. But how many of the reviews are honest? How to determine whether these reviews were paid by the smartphone company? It is quite difficult to find videos that are 100% honest. Are you looking for some honest smartphone reviews? Buy youtube subscribers. This list of YouTubers are exactly what you need to watch! They post the videos only after using them, and give totally honest reviews, and post highly valued guides.


Here is the list of 5 YouTubers that post honest and interesting reviews on smartphones:


    1. Mr. Mobile:

Owner: Michael Fisher

Joined: 2016

Subscribers: 1.12M

About: Michael’s soothing voice and his minimalistic approach of reviewing the smartphones is what gets him thousands of views and likes! He also posts videos on the aging of smartphones. For example, how the device is performing after one year of use. His reviews are totally honest and very interesting to watch because of the top quality and amazing visuals.


2. Flossy Carter:

Owner: Flossy Carter

Joined: 2007

Subscribers: 1.67M

About: This channel might not be that famous, but Carter posts honest and in-depth reviews about smartphones. The detailed explanation of the gadget will help you in making your decision on the purchase. If you love smartphone accessories, he has got them all! You can find reviews on various accessories. Honesty is the main deal. If he finds anything crap in the device, he will tell it right away!


3. GeekyRanjit:

Owner: Ranjit

Joined: 2011

Subscribers: 3.2M

About: GeekyRanjit is one of the most subscribed channels when it comes to honest smartphone reviews. His videos are in-depth and honest. He has a special layout of pros and cons of the device for the better understanding of the consumers. He also lists out other options in the same price range and category. Apart from the review of the whole device, he also posts reviews about the heating system, gaming, camera, speed test, etc. of the device in separate videos!



Owner: Marques Brownlee

Joined: 2008

Subscribers: 14.1M

About: Marques Brownlee is all about honest review! His channel is considered to be one of the best channels on YouTube for smartphone reviews. However, he specializes in reviews on mobile hardware. In fact many companies have approached him for giving his review on their hardware. The best part of Marques’ channel is that he is not based towards any particular brand. He brings out solid points on why to buy a specific smartphone.


5. Droid-life:

Joined: 2009

Subscribers: 409K

About: Droid-life has done an excellent job on featuring in-depth smartphone reviews, bringing out a full analysis on every aspect of the device. They also host live podcasts and talk about the device that they will be reviewing or speak about the device’s performance after using it. You can definitely rely on this channel for honest and detailed reviews!


These YouTubers have done a terrific job at posting some of the best review content. However this does not mean that other channels are not honest or doing less of a job at posting reviews! They are also doing a great job! However, these 5 YouTubers are who we personally trust!

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