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You can customize and expand Rockstar’s open-world opus with GTA 5 mods for PC.

The fact that we still talk about it today is proof of its influence. It was one of the greatest open-world sandboxes that was ever created.

This page explains how to stay safe when using Grand Theft Auto 5 mods and provides a step-by-step guide to modifying your game.

You can use our GTA 5 cheats to unlock new gameplay modes if you aren’t comfortable with external downloads, but still want to explore the world outside of the regular story missions.

What are the risks associated with installing GTA 5 mods?

Generally, single-player Grand Theft Auto 5 mods on PC are safe to install, provided that you have scanned them with an antivirus program to make sure they are safe.

The Rockstar Game Studios’ official support website explains the studio’s stance on PC Single-Player Mods, where the studio states that it “believes in reasonable fan creativity”.

GTA Online multiplayer mods, on the other hand, are strictly prohibited. You could be banned for even just starting Grand Theft Auto Online with single-player mods installed. Also, there is risk associated with installing mods from un-reviewed website, so please proceed with caution.

Mods for GTA 5: How to install them

GTA 5 mods require a few tools to be installed unlike GTA Money Generator that is purely web based. OpenIV is a tool to edit and archive Rockstar-developed games. Download it  from this link:

OpenIV should now be installed on your computer. Open it.

Select GTA V from the list, and then locate the installation path on your PC.

Click Browse, navigate where you installed the game, and then click on Select Folder. If you have the game on Steam, it will be within a folder marked SteamLibrary.

Wait for installation to finish, then click on ASI Manager and install the ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI. Make sure you pick the option to create Mods folder.

Things like Bitcoin and Etherium are becoming commonplace and for more guides please refer to where information about buying and selling is explained in details. People believe that these currencies will be the future of money. The rise in bitcoins means that it is a time to know more about this sort of currency.

Here’s what you need to know:

1: What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency, otherwise known as cryptocurrency. It was invented in 2009 by a developer using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. One could compare it to a cashless payment system, but instead of a central authority verifying transactions, these duties are carried out by peer-to-peer networks.

2: Why should I get into it?

Bitcoin has no borders or many other limitations that traditional currencies have. It is a perfect system for those who wish to do business over the internet and has low transaction fees.

3: Why should I not get into it?

There are many risks involved with Bitcoin, including fees and hacking problems. Also, since this cryptocurrency is still quite new, there isn’t as much of an established infrastructure surrounding it. Be careful.

4: What are some alternative cryptocurrencies?

Namecoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Monero etc.

5: Are there any other alternatives to Bitcoin that I should know about?

Litecoin is one of the most popular altcoins at this moment in time. You can check out lots of information concerning this cryptocurrency at .

That’s pretty much it for this introduction into Bitcoin and its alternatives! Happy investing and trading everyone, and happy reading!

5: Are there any other alternatives to Bitcoin that I should know about?

Litecoin is one of the most popular altcoins at this moment in time. You can check out lots of information concerning this cryptocurrency at

That’s pretty much it for this introduction into Bitcoin and its alternatives! Happy investing and trading everyone, and happy reading!

5: Are there any other alternatives to Bitcoin that I should know about?

Litecoin is one of the most popular altcoins at this moment in time. You can check out lots of information concerning this cryptocurrency at www.litecoin . net .

That’s pretty much it for this introduction into Bitcoin and its alternatives! Happy investing and trading everyone, and happy reading!


The most promising and everlasting technology is an information system. It is very well known as the IT sector all over the world. People are acquiring knowledge, course, and certificates in order o get a license to work officially in society as an IT expert. Experts’ main objective is to provide comprehensive, easy, and advanced information software to attain better living standards andperform amazingly in their respective fields. If IT solutions are required, you cannot deny that computers, communication channels, and resources are not applicable in your job. Whether a businessman or an employee, every human being is interlinked with the information and technology stream.

However, technology has once again emerged like a savior or much as the only option we are left to make things move. From work to studies to virtually meeting loved ones, we depend on technology. So, why not make the best use of technology in learning to get better at working through distant and online modes and consequently increase our productivity?


Why is it essential?

Its solution is very necessary for all sectors because of its vast accessibility. In an office, every workstation has telecommunication tools, computers, microphones, and visual systems. Experienced and highly qualified IT professionals operate them all. So if you need communication channels and installation of IT system,you have to obtain a popular company in your region. There is a huge competition among IT solution providers at the World Wide Web as its demand is growing day by day. To get quick and affordable services, take a search engine tour, and find the best credible company online.



The benefits which you will get after using IT tools are:

      • Globalization:  The world is compact, and all linguistic barriers are removed by IT. Now people are closer, expressive, and share thoughts on a worldwide basis. Whether it is a school, home, or office, IT has revolutionized work patterns.
      • Communication: Hassle-free communication, conversion of language, search for information, transmission to another world citizen through social networks, etc., all are part of the IT sector. It has removed all communication obstacles that kept you away from your loved ones sitting far away.
      • 24×7 services:  At online sources, companies provide customers a platform where they can take help, support, and solutions for IT tools anytime round the clock. No need to wait for the next morning and an IT service provider to visit your place with solutions. They offer 24 hours’ services to existing and new clients.
      • Team working apps: If there’s a project you work on with a team, you will have to stay connected with them. This means being receiving texts, calls, replying to them, planning on things together, etc. However, if you are using the same instant messaging apps to connect with your team as you use to chat and connect with everyone else you know, you might find yourself replying to scores of texts while you opened the app to read the message from your colleagues.


Thus, the hack here is to use team working apps like Slack and Teams. These are specifically meant to increase the productivity and efficiency of people working on a project together.

      • Crave for working on a big screen: It is a situation of absence to work through our phones’ small screens for many of us. Some might even find the screens of their laptops smaller than what they would like. The hack here is to connect your devices to your television and stream them onto it. Your computer, phone, or tablet can all be streamed on your TV with media players like Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. For the greatest efficiency and satisfaction of work experience, you can also consider the Amazon Fire TV Cube, which will control the TV and connected device simultaneously and hands-free.


However, all information technology companies are not experienced, but they may have advanced and update technology knowledge. For domestic,commercial use, IT solutions providers are always available on hot line number and chat.

Internet is changing our lives; you can use it for different purposes. Now, just creating a good and functional website is not sufficient for getting success. You need to increase its utility so that it can enhance brand awareness along with the sale figure. With the help of professionals, you can easily explore your business and make your website more accessible. Search engines play a very important role in promoting any business that can easily drive more customers on any high ranked site.



YouTube is filled with channels that focus primarily on reviewing smartphones. But how many of the reviews are honest? How to determine whether these reviews were paid by the smartphone company? It is quite difficult to find videos that are 100% honest. Are you looking for some honest smartphone reviews? Buy youtube subscribers. This list of YouTubers are exactly what you need to watch! They post the videos only after using them, and give totally honest reviews, and post highly valued guides.


Here is the list of 5 YouTubers that post honest and interesting reviews on smartphones:


    1. Mr. Mobile:

Owner: Michael Fisher

Joined: 2016

Subscribers: 1.12M

About: Michael’s soothing voice and his minimalistic approach of reviewing the smartphones is what gets him thousands of views and likes! He also posts videos on the aging of smartphones. For example, how the device is performing after one year of use. His reviews are totally honest and very interesting to watch because of the top quality and amazing visuals.


2. Flossy Carter:

Owner: Flossy Carter

Joined: 2007

Subscribers: 1.67M

About: This channel might not be that famous, but Carter posts honest and in-depth reviews about smartphones. The detailed explanation of the gadget will help you in making your decision on the purchase. If you love smartphone accessories, he has got them all! You can find reviews on various accessories. Honesty is the main deal. If he finds anything crap in the device, he will tell it right away!


3. GeekyRanjit:

Owner: Ranjit

Joined: 2011

Subscribers: 3.2M

About: GeekyRanjit is one of the most subscribed channels when it comes to honest smartphone reviews. His videos are in-depth and honest. He has a special layout of pros and cons of the device for the better understanding of the consumers. He also lists out other options in the same price range and category. Apart from the review of the whole device, he also posts reviews about the heating system, gaming, camera, speed test, etc. of the device in separate videos!



Owner: Marques Brownlee

Joined: 2008

Subscribers: 14.1M

About: Marques Brownlee is all about honest review! His channel is considered to be one of the best channels on YouTube for smartphone reviews. However, he specializes in reviews on mobile hardware. In fact many companies have approached him for giving his review on their hardware. The best part of Marques’ channel is that he is not based towards any particular brand. He brings out solid points on why to buy a specific smartphone.


5. Droid-life:

Joined: 2009

Subscribers: 409K

About: Droid-life has done an excellent job on featuring in-depth smartphone reviews, bringing out a full analysis on every aspect of the device. They also host live podcasts and talk about the device that they will be reviewing or speak about the device’s performance after using it. You can definitely rely on this channel for honest and detailed reviews!


These YouTubers have done a terrific job at posting some of the best review content. However this does not mean that other channels are not honest or doing less of a job at posting reviews! They are also doing a great job! However, these 5 YouTubers are who we personally trust!

Video streaming has been used by people in large numbers for entertainment purposes. The conventional methods of accessing the videos hold the least important with the development of various resources that have made video streaming an easier and more convenient option. The introduction of various video streaming applications has made it possible to get access to interesting videos in just one click, and this is how the prominence of the apps have augmented. For the best experience of streaming the apps, you should know the best video streaming apps for android.


Time Killing Apps for Nokia Users

Nokia has launched its Lumia series in the market, and it has gained a fabulous response. But due to windows OS, it lacks behind in sales. Still, the Nokia Lumia users are finding it equally entertaining and useful like android and apple devices. Today people are eager to download free applications and games by which they can spend their time in fun and excitement.

The ten time-killing apps for Nokia Lumia users in the market are:



It is a fantastic application that is found in all operating systems in the market today. Through the Viber application, you can stay in touch with loved ones through video calling and text chatting, and voice calling. There are no charges taken by the user for downloading or using the video calling facility. You can use it under an internet connection anytime and anywhere. Just download the application from the windows app store and install it on the menu. Start spending a fabulous time on Nokia Lumia now.


Take a look at the best apps!

Below mentioned are some of the superlative apps through which you would get to have an enhanced video streaming experience:


Amazon Prime Instant Video – This particular video streaming application is one of the best apps through which you could get access to the most amazing videos on android. Another feature equipped with this amazing app is that you could buy your favorite movie or television shows and watch it using the app at any time when you desire. The installation method may differ from one device to another; make sure to read the guidelines related to installment.


Crunchyroll – Yet another video streaming app that has topped up the charts bringing a surprise for the video lovers in Crunchyroll. With an amazing 15,000 hours of content and 25,000 episodes, you can have a lot of entertainment to stay entertained. The video options available on the app are all selected amongst the fan-favorite options. Thus, you get what’s already been categorized as the best.


Disney movies anywhere – Operated by Disney, this movie streaming app has been launched later in the video streaming market. You get access to the Disney movies whenever and wherever you want to access them. The option of buying the physical copy is also made available for the users. If you are a Disney movie fan, then this video streaming app is the most suitable application for you.


Google play movies and TV – The in-house video streaming app introduced by Google has a lot to keep you entertained throughout your day. The system of purchasing content is easy, and once you are finished buying the content, you could conveniently watch the content at any time when you desire to do so. The google play video streaming android application comes with Chromecast support, material design that makes it easily installable on your android device.


HBO Now – Video streaming like never before has been launched by HBO now. The various television shows telecasted on HBO could be accessed from these video streaming apps at any time when you desire to watch your favorite show. Though a little was more expensive, the service could be said to be worth the money that is being charged by the company.


Netflix – Netflix is one of the best video streaming apps for android. This service is the standard service, where all the related video streaming apps are compared to this video streaming service. Allowing you to have a good combination of comedy stand-up, TV shows, anime, and other genres, you would get to have unlimited fun.

There are various games on the android store that are world-class. You can get them for free and utilize time in the best possible way. Some games are strategy-based, and some are puzzle games that will enhance your skills.


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